Eric Worrall

Eric Worrall

Hi, and welcome to my website.

I am an IT Consultant with a long track record of successful projects, if you are interested in the services I provide, dont hesitate to contact me at

The rest of this website is a set of photographs taken by my lovely wife Mandy and myself. I intend to add material to this site as I see fit. In the meantime, enjoy the photos, or if you like, check out my lovely wife Mandy's website.
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Pictures from 2011
Baby Update 

Pictures from 2010
A few paintings  Trip to the Zoo  Baby 3.5 months 

Pictures from 2009
HBA Awards  Boat Trip  Jackie  Ian's boat trip  Istanbul  Baby Erika 

Pictures from 2008
Our new house, Southampton  Boat trip to Cowes  Mandy's Summer Pics
Casper the Cat  Duck Mafia  Military Odyssey  Misty Morning
Holiday in Australia 

Pictures from 2007
Los Angeles  Australia  Hong Kong  Miscelaneous  Andrea's Visit

Pictures from 2006
Holiday in Pitlochry

Pictures from 2005
Mandy's Helicopter Trip  Our wee doggy Jack  Walk around Shalford
Guildford Chantries Rotary Bike Ride  Beautiful Mandy  Balloon Trip over Hampshire

Pictures from 2004
My brother's house  Thailand  Singapore  Other stuff